Heidegger’s Game of Throwns

A summary of pt. 1 of Being and Time.


To Da-sein’s state of being belong:

(1) Disclosedness-in-general: Care–my being-in-the-world is wrapped up/alongside with others’ being-in-the-world.  I exist in the world within an already-existing-network-of-relations.

(2) Thrownness: my da-sein in the world is already-in-a-definite-world.  This world has facticity.  Its boundaries are fluid.

(3) Projection: we can only understand Dasein in terms of the world. You can’t transcend yourself to understand yourself.  You are finite.

(4) Being-as-falling: this is the threat to being. Dasein has to face flux, uprootedness, and anxiety.


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  1. […] philosophy.  More pertinently, Heidegger attacks rationalist compartmentalization.  We are “thrown” into a world of facticity. The borders are porous.  Even more, his essay “Building, […]


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