Trump, Clinton, and the NWO

Thesis:  Both Trump and Clinton are part of the NWO.

Proposition 1: Yet, the NWO is fragmented and undergoing a “civil war” of sorts.

P2: Clinton represents the Atlanticist Rockefeller elites; Trump the mafia-Russian front.

P3: That is why the neo-Nazis in Kiev are so desperate for a Clinton victory, for she will deliver on a war.


Losing your political virginity

I don’t post on modern stuff because the American brain is so wasted it will forget about “the biggest thing in the world” in two weeks.  But still.

I can respect that people don’t want to vote for Trump.  That makes sense.  Stop saying “This is the last straw for the GOP,” as though the GOP suddenly betrayed conservative principles and you will go no further.

If you convinced yourself to vote for McCain or Romney and thought that was conservatism, please stop pretending you are a political virgin.  You lost that card a long time ago.

On Getting Unfriended on Facebook

I normally don’t get unfriended on facebook because I am a nice guy and all my posts are really funny.  But over the past year I’ve been unfriended three times (that I know of).

Unfriend 1

Was a guy I knew for a long time.  I started attacking Doug Wilson’s cult and sex scandals and he had enough.  No skin off my back either way.

Unfriend 2

Was a PCUSA pastor.  Not sure why he unfriended me.  I think I was friends with someone that he didn’t like, plus I attacked leftism and the PCUSA.

Unfriend 3

This happened recently.  And a shame too, since she has done good work on exposing Doug Wilson and the like.  She was attacking Trump’s statement that deposing Saddam was a bad idea. I asked what is better:  a strong-arm authoritarian ruler keeping violent religious sects in line, or ISIS selling Christians as sex-slaves?

I wasn’t endorsing Trump.  Or Saddam for that matter.

Other thoughts on Trump and globalism

Let’s leave personal failures aside and whether he is simply pimping the working class.  Trump’s rhetoric against globalism really stirs me.  And of course, his utter annihiliation of the GOP is something to consider.  But still.  One thing bothers me:  if there is a global cabal that controls politics, as I think there is, will Trump really change anything?

Maybe.  Critics of people who posit a New World Order say, “The govt is too incompetent to run something like this.”  Yes, the US govt is incompetent.  But this isn’t a US govt thing.  But let’s still go with the idea of an extra-territorial elite who has a sophisticated system of finance and technology.

(Here I am closely following the analysis of Joseph Farrell). We are seeing infighting in the New World Order.  How on earth can Donald Trump make “Truther” accusations against Jeb Bush and not be shut down immediately?  Rather, Bush’s campaign collapses.  Trump accuses Cruz’s father of complicity with Lee Harvey Oswald.  Cruz shuts his own campaign down.

Of course, Hillary is part of the NWO, too.  She represents the more Rockefeller branch while Trump is probably closer to the Mafia.

So what does this mean for us?

Notes on Liberal Democracy

While noting that Donald Trump is most likely a horrible person, one of the good things emerging from this political season (and to a much lesser degree from the Bernie Sanders campaign) is the fact that the “party system” in particular and “liberal democracy” in general is failing to make good on its post-Enlightenment promises.  Of course, I expect left-wing outlets to attack any criticism of liberal democracy, but I was surprised to see some anti-Trump conservatives defend liberal democracy. Moreover, they see, possibly accurately, that the attacks on liberal democracy come increasingly from the so-called “Alt Right” and from monarchists like myself.

I don’t want to identify with the Alt Right simply because too many of them are vile racists and post-Nietzscheans.  Nevertheless, in many of these conversations few have actually defined and identified liberal democracy.  Taking my cue from Matthew Raphael Johnson, I’ll give it a try.  You will note that both Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats agree with every one of these points.  This is why “voting” rarely changes anything.

most of these points are taken from Matthew Raphael Johnson)

(1) Commitment to a market ideology which sees the world in quantified terms (and by market I don’t necessarily mean “capitalism,” though that could be included)
(2) a web of relations that depends on social credit
(3) Commitment to representative institutions, albeit with a major caveat: liberal loyalty to representative institutions only makes sense if liberalism itself is served.
(4) commitment to some abstract idea of “universal human rights.” But of course, a universal right is often too vague to be useful.

In another essay, Johnson lists these tenets as defining liberal democracy (especially in foreign politics)

1. Liberalism alone grants legitimacy.
2. Liberal values are comprehensive and self-evidently true. They require no supporting argumentation.
3. The “global community,” is a real entity, but the “nation” is the product of “myth.” It has the right to intervene wherever “democracy” is threatened.
4. Implicitly, the American taxpayer should be coerced to pay for these actions.
5. Capitalism is the sole rational mode of production.
6. Liberal democratic capitalism should be (and is) the only ideology that has the right to be imposed and enforced with American arms.
7. The only objects that exist in the universe are individuals. Collectives are only conventions.
8. Nationalism (which is undefined here) is inherently monstrous and ruinous. This includes all forms of economic nationalism such as import substitution.
9. Only the leader of global liberalism has the right to intervene in the politics of other states. Anyone else, especially if they are against the liberal consensus, does not have this right and should be obstructed by force.
10. American influence and power, if it is controlled by liberal values, is inherently just

So…on Trump

I’ve restrained myself on political commentary this season, especially on Facebook.  For the record, I don’t see myself voting for Trump.  There, I’ve said it.  You can breathe easier now.

Thesis:  Trump is the mirror of American culture.

Everyone is angry that he is rude and vulgar.  Yeah, what of it?  He probably best represents pop-culture America than any other candidate, if that is the case.

But he is an unrepentant fornicator.  Well, that’s on his soul and he will answer to God for it.  Again, given adultery and out of wedlock birth rates in America, who better to represent us?

The difference between Trump and everyone else is that Trump is honest about what he will do.  (Well, so is Hillary in a grimmer fashion).  He isn’t telling us polite insincerities about “our values.”  He speaks in concrete terms.  He doesn’t talk about “Fighting Terrorism.”  He is specific on border problems.

How can an Evangelical support him?  I have no idea but I might be able to guess.  GOP has broken every promise they have made to Evangelicals over the past 20 years.  It has moved closer to the center and some of its pundits boasted of “needing a new face.”  I had always interpreted that as their typical “Running an unwinnable neo-con/liberal” against the Dems.   I never thought that it would be Trump.

The Left calls working-class America “rednecks.”  The Neo-Con right calls them “low-information voters.”  The problem is that Beltway has always believed the universe is Washington D.C.  No one else matters.  They are about to pay for that.

I am not defending Donald Trump.  I am giving a prophetic analysis akin to how the OT prophets condemned Israel (while also condemning Israel’s punishers).