Wrap up on Wilson

I haven’t posted anything on the Doug Wilson rape/sex scandal in a while.  Most of his groupies will die for him and are beyond all reasonable means of persuasion.  Still, facts and analysis being what they are, this by far is the most penetrating set of critiques of the Moscow, ID theology.

Wrap on Wilson

I’ve added it to the side link page.


3 comments on “Wrap up on Wilson

  1. cal says:

    Did you see his reply to Leithart’s “End of Protestantism” book booster article? The guy is a shambling schismatic wreck. Even though I find it ungodly, I think I understand why Church courts would lock heretics up in jail.


    • Jacob BA says:

      I saw it. I kept my blood pressure low and didn’t really follow up on it. I know he and Wilson are having a blog back-and-forth right now. Not sure I am ready to look at it.


      • cal says:

        Here’s your summary:
        Letihart’s usual over-the-top dreams with little concrete examples of what anything actually looks like.
        Wilson’s smug, pseudo-folksy, attempt to rebut, posturing himself as some sultan or sage of the Reformation.

        He is like the Sarah Palin of the Reformed world.


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