Metaphysics of Symbol

Hans urs von Balthasar suggested that Letter is to be transformed into Spirit.  This isn’t necessarily a spirit-matter dualism (which I don’t think existed before the fall), though that is certainly true post-fall.  Man before the Fall saw the connection between the forms to the universal Form, or Logos.


St Maximus said that the one LOGOS is the many LOGOI (I am summarizing key parts from his Ambiguum 7). Collectively, the Forms are LOGOI, which is LOGOS, which is the Second Person of the Trinity. The Logos is revealed and multiplied in the Forms (logoi) which are then recapitulated back into the Logos (Ephesians 1:10). The Logos is the interconnecting cause that holds the Forms together. The Logoi, therefore, pre-exist in God.

The Logoi is the content of the manifestation of the Logos.  That manifestation is the Holy Spirit.


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  1. cal says:

    It’s helpful to highlight that Maximus (if I recall rightly) does not mean to say the sum of the logoi is the Logos, but that the Logos possesses the sum of the logoi. Thus, per Gestalt, the Logos is greater than the sum of the logoi, being the very Person of the Son. This has interesting connections with both Palamas and Bulgakov’s Sophiology.


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