Embracing our stunted limitations

Plato was right about the cave.  We really don’t want to face the truth.  We don’t want to get out of our comfort zones.  If we need an opponent, we create “The Other.”  The Other exists for our own self-definition.

Perish the thought that one day we find out that the Other might be correct on some points.  What does that do to our identity?  Is this why we get so angry?

Differance is violence. Anyone who differs with our projected reality threatens our very identity.  Thus, any difference is an act of violence.

Thus, Puritanboard.

Thus, TR Vanilla Reformed.



One comment on “Embracing our stunted limitations

  1. Cal says:

    So Deleuze wears a black Genevan robe? And the way some TR people patrol the borders, it’s almost as if they rejoice to lock people out of the Gates. I wonder how many people on Puritanboard listen to Tool.



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