Reading Log November

I read more books in November than I normally do.  My schedule had some changes that allowed me to read more.  I also count as “read” audiobooks and books I finished.

Someone on Puritanboard accused me of spending my time on conspiracy theories rather than on stuff that matters.  When you read this list of books, most gentle reader, tell me if there are too many “conspiracy” books.

  1. Hume, David.  Enquiry Human Understanding.  It was important but mostly wrong.  
  2. Berkeley, George.  Principles of Human Knowledge.   Fun but wacky.  Kant corrects some of Berkeley’s more outrageous claims.
  3. O. Henry, “Gift of the Magi.”
  4. Stockton, Frank. “Lady or the Tiger.”
  5. Van Inwagen, Peter.  Metaphysics.
  6. Rowe, William.  Thomas Reid on Freedom and Morality.
  7. Lewis, C. S. Surprised by Joy.
  8. ————-.  The Magician’s Nephew.
  9. Shakespeare.  The Merchant of Venice.
  10. Nagel, Thomas.  Mind and Cosmos.
  11. Willard, Dallas. Living in Christ’s Presence.
  12. Shakespeare.  King Lear.
  13. Pope, Alexander.  “Rape of the Lock.”
  14. Cahill, Thomas.  Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea.
  15. Chisholm, Roderick. On Metaphysics.
  16. Shakespeare.  Richard II.
  17. Ibsen, Henrik. “A Doll’s House.”
  18. Kim, Jaegwon.  Mind in a Physical World.
  19. L’Amour, Louis. Education of a Wandering Man.
  20. Wolterstorff, Nicholas.  Until Justice and Peace Embrace.
  21. Eddings, David. The Diamond Throne.
  22. L’Amour, Louis. The Haunted Mesa.
  23. Eddings, David. The Ruby Knight.
  24. —————–.  The Sapphire Rose.