Retractare: Justified, True Belief

Alvin Plantinga has been my favorite philosopher.  Few can write like he.  I’ve long been impressed with his warrant trilogy.  With that said, I think I now understand the problems with warrant and externalism.  At the moment I lean closer to “Justified, true belief.”  But I also think that internalism/externalism can exist on a continuum.


2 comments on “Retractare: Justified, True Belief

  1. Evan Kramer says:

    What are your problems with warrant and externalism?


    • JB Aitken says:

      Not so much problems as seeing that a weaker form of warrant/externalism is compatible with the valid insights internalism/k=jtb have.

      The hard externalist approach, particularly Plantinga’s, has a hard time saying why other knowledge/faith traditions are wrong (E.g., why isn’t the Muslim warranted in believing in Allah?). There are responses they could make regarding defeaters, I suppose.


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