The Varieties of Orthodox Internetskii

Don’t worry.  This post isn’t attacking Orthodox.  I am simply commenting on the varieties of Orthodox internet forums.  I’ll admit that some of my desingations are arbitrary, though that really can’t be helped.  I still think it is accurate. If you are converting or aligning yourself, this should prove handy:

American Monasticism.  These are the spiritual disciples of Fr Seraphim Rose and Platina Monastery.  There is a strong connection to “Old Russia” and the brothers at St Herman’s Monastery do a good job in getting decent works printed.  Somewhat limited in the academic realm.  If you want to see what 19th century Russia looks like in America, then these are your guys.  VERY strong on Eschatology.

Academic Orthodoxy.  Mostly represented by St Vladimir’s Seminary.  They aren’t afraid to ask critical questions of Tradition and History.   They produce good scholarship but won’t always be welcomed in other Orthodox camps.

Neo-Patristic Synthesis.  Some overlap with the above Academics but with a few provisos.  They aren’t quite as favorable to Bulgakov and Ware and Louth.  Often designated as “Neo-Palamites.”  Occasionally produce good scholarship.

Traditional Orthodoxy (Canonical).   Admittedly, this is a Facebook group.  A blend of the first and third groups but without their strengths.  They won’t let facts or history get in the way of how they see tradition.